Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ben Lee Prioritizes Patient Relationships Beginning with the 1st Phone Call

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The first interface a patient has with a doctor is the gatekeeper—the receptionist or medical assistant. No matter what the doctor’s skills and capabilities are, that exchange—between patient and front desk, often on the telephone—will tell the future of the patient-physician relationship.

Sometimes all it takes is one call to write the rest of the story.

That’s the very reason that Debra Brinkman, Clinical Coordinator for Ben Lee, M.D., board-certified plastic surgeon with offices in Englewood and Lone Tree, devotes as much time to training staff in the art of answering phones and greeting patients as other clinics might spend training staff on how to use the myriad of lasers in use. “Our knowledgeable staff has 40 combined years of experience in the medical field,” says Brinkman. That in itself is an impressive statistic. But genuine caring and friendliness is the initial impression Dr. Lee’s staff strives to give. “The key is to start out with a friendly, down-to-earth front desk that makes our patients feel comfortable,” says Brinkman.

That sense of comfort needs to extend across a menu of services that encompasses facial rejuvenation, injectable fillers, facelifts and other lifts including breast lifts plus breast reduction, augmentation and reconstruction. Dr. Lee, who is double board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgury and Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, performs cosmetic surgery and treatments to course-correct the signs of aging from head to toe.

For a number of people, making the appointment over the telephone is intimidating. All of Dr. Lee’s staff understands that patient reservations and first time jitters can be easily disarmed with a friendly smile and warm “hello.” The overdriving motivation for the staff is to put each patient at ease. When you dial Dr. Lee’s office, rest assured your call won’t be answered abruptly or in a shrill voice that puts you on edge. It’s nearly as if the staff incorporates yoga breathing into their job description, they’re so composed.

The internet has introduced a whole new way of communicating with patients. Where once a patient had to schedule an appointment to get a sense of a doctor office’s demeanor, now would-be patients can log onto the internet and make a determination if a particular doctor’s presence there appeals to them. Dr. Lee’s cutting-edge website is designed to familiarize patients with the soothing colors he uses in all his printed collateral materials and his office décor. Besides being a beautiful site to look at, linking to allows web visitors to find the answer to a myriad of questions under the services section plus witness before and after photos of real patients. The website features a blog containing answers to patients’ questions—questions that are likely to be the same inquiries most prospective patients share about services and results. The ability to find answers with just a few clicks of your mouse, is impressive, according to a number of patients. The candor and straightforwardness of the doctor and his staff, reflected in the internet copy, creates a sense of assuredness and confirms for patients that they’re making the right decision in choosing Dr. Lee for their treatment.

The front staff at a cosmetic surgeon’s office is an integral part of the surgical team. These dedicated workers couldn’t make a first impression any better. Their sincerity doesn’t stop when the procedure is over. In fact, they schedule each post-operative visit for at least 45 minutes to make sure each question and concern is addressed adequately. Included in the post-op visits is scar management, laser treatment to minimize scaring as much as possible. This offering makes certain that patients are comfortable in their new skin. Patients are seen for up to a year after their procedure to ensure that they are healing well and are satisfied with their results.

Inside Dr. Lee’s practices, the staff does much more than just schedule appointments. From counseling patients on procedures to giving post-operative instructions, Dr. Lee’s staff keeps the office on schedule and running smoothly while offering emotional support to patients who are in need in an uneasy time.

Brianna LePore’s smile is the first you see when entering Dr. Lee’s office at 3701 S. Clarkson in Englewood, Colorado. Her friendly demeanor instantly puts patients at ease. As she checks patients in for treatment she’s always alert for any signal that a patient has another question to ask. She’s there to answer.

Debra Brinkman, clinical coordinator, has seen thousands of Dr. Lee’s patients through treatment, start to finish. With 13 years of experience, she’s got an innate knack for knowing how to make a patient feel right at home. Her soothing presentation is unhurried, undistracted. And her willingness to explain the finer details of any procedure, plus her experience, instantly makes patients feel that they’ve found their way into the right doctor’s hands. Regularly, Debbie and Dr. Lee teach seminars on cutting edge cosmetic procedures to their own staff and other doctors’ staffs too.

Cindy Beston, Dr. Lee’s administrative surgical coordinator, handles all of the surgical scheduling. With 14 years experience in the medical field, she is an insurance guru and oversees each patient’s account with a thorough eye. If there’s an insurance snafu, Cindy will catch it first and correct it before it become