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The Brazilian butt lift is a type of butt augmentation procedure which results in youthful, prominent, perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile. Dr. Rodriguez removes fat from selected areas of your body, purifies the fat, and then injects selected donor fat cells into your buttocks. The process of micro fat injections involves scores or hundreds of injections. The procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of your buttocks so that the butt appears lifted and perky. The resulting effect is a more attractive and sensuous body.

Correct liposuction techniques, donor fat processing, and microinjection methods are essential to achieving a permanent, natural result.

Are there different ways to augment or enlarge my buttocks?

Yes, there are two ways to enlarge your buttocks:

1.) Brazilian Butt Lift
2.) Butt Implants

Does Dr. Rodriguez prefer one method of butt augmentation over the other?

Yes, Dr. Rodriguez prefers to augment the butt using fat injections. This technique is known as the Brazilian butt lift. He believes that the combination of liposuction and fat injection results in the most natural and sensual body profile

How is the Brazilian butt lift performed?

The Brazilian butt lift involves three techniques: liposelection of two or more areas, donor fat processing, and microinjection of the donor fat into the buttocks.

The buttock is first contoured by performing liposelection, a type of liposuction, which is performed in the stomach and areas around the buttocks. Common areas to liposuction include the back- directly above the butt, the stomach, and the thighs. Note that even the liposuction alone will give your body a more attractive look.

After liposuction, Dr. Rodriguez carefully purifies the fat so that only the best donor fat cells will be injected back into your buttocks for augmentation. The fat which has been suctioned is processed to isolate viable fat cells. The fat is carefully purified such that only a fraction of the donor fat removed will qualify for re-injection to the buttocks. In order to get enough qualified fat, Dr. Rodriguez must liposuction at least two areas of your body.

The purified fat is then placed or transferred to the buttocks with special cannulas. This process is referred to as ‘microinjection’. Dr. Rodriguez’s technique of microinjection enables the fat cells to receive adequate blood supply so that they can survive once inside the buttocks tissue. This technique results in the highest permanent absorption rate of the fat and is the best way to achieve a permanent result.

Dr. Rodriguez microinjects small amounts of purified donor fat into different areas and depths of the buttocks. The procedure involves scores or hundreds of micro fat injections. Correct injection methods are key to achieving a long lasting, uniform, smooth, and natural appearance to the buttocks.

An additional benefit of the Brazilian butt lift is that you not only get a shapelier buttock, but the area to liposuction is now much leaner, giving your profile a more sensuous look

Are the liposuction techniques used in this procedure different than regular liposuction?

Yes, the fat is harvested using specialized liposuction techniques called Lipo-Selection. A low pressure aspiration system is used to minimize damage to fat cells as they are being extracted. Regular liposuction traumatizes fat cells too much. Only the correct type of liposuction will yield fat cells that will result in a permanent lifetime result.