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At 5280 we’re always being asked about beauty in its many forms- can we recommend a dentist, please, or the city’s most talented colorist? Well, we’ve got your answers. Our editors deputized a panel of local experts, socialites, stylists, makeup artists, and MDs – and promised them anonymity so they’d fork over the goods without fear of retribution. Then we asked them questions about everything – head to toe – and based on their answers found a selection of master craftspeople who dedicate their days to helping us feel better inside and look better outside. Plus, we headed out to be cut, colored, styled, pampered, coached, exfoliated, and whatever else we could do to make sure these folks could deliver. (The plastic surgery, however, is up to you.)

Denver Plastic Surgeon
Dr. David Broadway

“Tell me what you don”t like about yourself.” There’s no denying the catch phrase from the television series Nip/Tuck is a tad creepy. But visit Dr. David Broadway at the Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery and you’ll hear something more along the lines of, “How can I help you feel better?” The triple board certifed surgeon, who originally went to medical school to become an ear, nose, and throat doctor, is committed to helping his clients feel naturally beautiful. His patients call him gentle, kind, and the consummate professional. “This is all I do. I don’t dabble in it. Plastic surgery is my focus,” says Dr. Broadway, who has been practicing since 1989. “I want to know your motivation – impressing your ex-husband at a wedding next month is not a good reason.” Browse the before/after photo galleries on the clinic’s website or visit the office for proof of Dr. Broadway’s handiwork: He has operated on five of eight employees. One such employee, Lara, had her droopy eyelids corrected. “It’s a subtle difference, but people ask all the time if I’ve just been on vacation,” she says. “No one says, ‘Did you get your eyes done?'” And Lara’s right: The surgery was two and a half years ago, and she looks naturally fresh and brighteyed – not at all someone we’d have pegged for plastic surgery. Another patient, 58-year-old Sherry, says, “Dr. Broadway is a conscientious, conservative doc – and by conservative I mean he doesn’t believe in the extreme. Amen.