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Burt Faibisoff, M.D.
Taken from the Lake Havasu City, White Sheet

Dr. Burt Faibisoff is not exactly what you would expect in a Plastic Surgeon. His optimism, fueled by his sense of humor, is contagious. His relaxed easy-going manner makes his patients feel instantly at ease. And that is how he thinks his patients should feel when discussing the many choices available today in modern plastic surgery.

Dr. Faibisoff has been practicing in Lake Havasu City since 1992. He and his wife Martha and their three kids moved back to Arizona after spending a few years in upstate New York. “We actually moved to Arizona in 1981,” explained Martha. “Then we moved back to New York for awhile. We thought of ourselves as Arizonans so we came back [permanently] in 1992.”

Dr. Faibisoff is board-certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery and devotes much of his practice to breast enhancement, liposculpture, facial rejuvenation, laser skin resurfacing, Botox therapy and hand surgery. With his high-tech laser, he is able to remove tattoos, unwanted hair and facial blemishes.

Dr. Faibisoff believes that plastic and reconstructive surgery is not just about beauty—it is also about health. For example, we live in a part of the world that is very hard on the skin. With our dry and sunny climate, we are particularly prone to skin ulcers and cancers. Dr. Faibisoff advises anyone to get professional care at the first sign of any abnormality of the skin, as early detection and treatment will always have the best outcome.

Aside from his surgical skills, Dr. Faibisoff is an experienced pilot and a member of the Naval Reserve. His humanitarian work has taken him to Colombia, Honduras, Panama, Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh where he has preformed needed surgeries for people who may never have seen a doctor or received any medical care in their lives.

As a combat surgeon, Dr. Faibisoff has seen action far beyond the operating rooms at Havasu Regional Medical Center. Participating in the first Gulf War, he spent six months in Kuwait and Iraq, tending to the sick and injured on both sides of the conflict. His daughter Sara, following in his military footsteps, recently graduated from the Naval Academy. and is now attending flight school in Pensacola, Florida. He also has a son who lives in Phoenix and a daughter in high school.

Dr. Faibisoff has been married to his wife Martha for 28 years. As a certified public accountant she has helped manage his practice from the very beginning, taking care of his office and all the paperwork, which she says, “only seems to get bigger and more complicated every year.”

Martha recently opened Odyssey Support Services, a medical billing and practice management service located adjacent to her husband’s medical practice. Martha can be reached at (928) 680-4439.

When he is not in the operating room, flying his plane, or off helping others less fortunate, you can find Dr. Burt Faibisoff at his office at 2035 Mesquite Avenue, Suite A, in Lake Havasu City. Call him at (928) 680-7707 for a consultation.