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Surgery of the Week #6
Breast Augmentation

Larger breast implants used with very natural results.

This 28 year old patient from San Diego was interested in getting breast implants to help her achieve a more proportional body. She is 5’10” tall and weighs 150 lbs and felt that her upper body didn’t match the rest of her body. After having children and breast feeing, she had lost the fullness in her breasts and wanted to have the fullness on top restored.

After meeting with Dr. Pousti, discussing her goals and going through albums of before and after photos, she decided that larger implants would help her achieve her goals.

In the operating room, Dr. Pousti and his team work to get the best results for this patient. Temporary sizers are placed prior to placement of the permanent implants so that Dr. Pousti knows exactly what size implant will achieve this patients’ goals.

She is only three months post-op breast augmentation surgery with 700 cc saline implants placed under the muscle and extremely happy with her results. She has a natural result with the fullness on top that she was looking for.