Otoplasty (Prominent Ears)

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This is a 44 year-old male who has been bothered by prominent ears for many years. He presented to San Diego plastic surgeon Tom J. Pousti M.D. for consultation regarding otoplasty surgery. He was able to meet with other patients who had the same procedure and decided that he would like to proceed with otoplasty surgery. The patient was examined carefully and noted to have heavy concha (cartilage) on both sides. He was also noted to have relatively more prominence on the left side with an underdeveloped anti-helical area.

The patient met with Dr. Pousti several times prior to his ear surgery and had the otoplasty procedure done with an uneventful recovery. During the procedure a suture technique was used to set the cartilage of both ears back to the scalp. Dr. Pousti also used a series of sutures to recreate the normal anti-helical fold on the patient’s left side to improve symmetry between the two sides.

The patient had a protective dressing on for 3 days post-operatively and subsequently used a protective headband especially at night time (for an additional month). This helps stabilize the ears and protects them from any potential trauma.

The patient is now in the recovery period and doing very well. He is very happy with his results. Notice the improved symmetry between the two sides. The ears look natural (not set back too far). Scars will not be visible from the front or back.