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This is a 36-year-old busy mother of two teenagers from the area of El Centro, California (Imperial County). Due to her two pregnancies, her stomach had excess adipose tissue, her abdominal wall muscles had spread and she had extra loose skin. She tried diet and exercise but, unfortunately, was not able to achieve the look she was after. The patient did an extended amount of research on the tummy tuck procedure for about six months. She had been thinking about an abdominoplasty for years. As she was searching through several web sites for the right doctor with the experience and the degree as a board certified plastic surgeon for her exciting new “make-over”, she found Dr. Tom Pousti’s web site and was thrilled. She enjoyed looking at the results of previous patients and the before and after pictures of the procedure she was interested in. This patient was even more thrilled to find out that Dr. Tom Pousti is a double board certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon.

Due to her unique situation, coming from out of town and wanting to have the surgery done as soon as possible, the patient needed information regarding the procedure, our office and Dr. Pousti before scheduling her complimentary consultation in our La Mesa office. The patient found it very helpful that she could e-mail pictures of herself showing the areas that bothered her to Dr. Tom Pousti for his professional advice. She was very happy to receive a quick response from Dr. Pousti. She was even happier to know that he considered her a good candidate for the tummy tuck procedure. Dr. Pousti asked that she stay in town for a couple of weeks or until he felt she was ready to go back home. Doctor also recommended that the patient stay a couple of days at The Hideaway (a Certified Nursing Facility) to have the proper after care.

Ready to schedule her surgery, the patient called our office and told us that she needed to come in for her first visit “consultation”, pre-operative visit, markings and surgery all within the same week. We were able to accommodate our patient.

The morning of surgery the patient was very excited and ready for her new look. She had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Tom Pousti about last minute thoughts before proceeding to the operating room.

Dr. Tom Pousti repaired the abdominal wall muscle, removed the extra skin and adipose tissue and kept the resulting scar low (within swimsuit lines).

This is our patient about one month after surgery. She is extremely happy with her results, looks just how she always wanted.


I cannot thank you enough for changing my life. I thought I was stuck with my stomach and figure for the rest of my life, until I met you! I traveled over 2 hours to consult with you and it was well worth the trip. The comfort and complete security instilled by you and the office staff was unremarkable. Vanessa and Daisy are amazing people and NEVER made me feel as if the questions I had, and I had a lot, were unintelligent or bothersome. Every phone call I made, both pre and post surgical, was returned and every question answered.

I love my flat tummy! You, along with your knowledgeable staff, have compassionately united my personality with my NEW contoured body. If any of your current and future consultations are undecided, or concerned about the cost, feel free to show them my photographs. The entire experience, although slightly painful at times, was worth EVERY cent. I actually feel as if I still OWE you!

I would also like to thank Julie and her staff at the Hideaway Post Surgical Retreat. My husband and I stayed for 2 days and questioned what we did in our lives to deserve such personable celebrity-style treatment.