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This is a 40 year-old mother of two who was very excited to get back the body she had prior to children. She first came to see Dr. Pousti in March of 2006. She was very impressed with Dr. Pousti and his staff. It didn’t take long at all for her decide that he was the plastic surgeon for her. Two days after her initial consultation the patient came back for her pre-operative visit. At this time all pre-operative and post-operative information is reviewed with the patient in great detail. Medications and post-operative care instructions are also reviewed. The patient’s surgery was nine days after her initial consultation.

The patient came to Dr. Pousti with bilateral breast hypoplasia, diet and exercise resistant adipose tissue of the abdomen and abdominal wall laxity. Dr. Pousti explained to her that she had the option of either breast augmentation alone or breast augmentation with a lift. She was a better candidate for a lift but because the patient was choosing to go with larger implants (480cc on the right and 420cc on the left), had plenty of breast tissue to start and was certain she did not want the scars associated with a lift, an augmentation alone was performed. In the end she was very pleased with the results obtained. A lift was not necessary for her to achieve a beautiful natural breast enhancement.

An abdominoplasty was performed to remove excess adipose tissue and excess abdominal skin. Because of her pregnancies the muscle walls had separated. During an abdominoplasty the muscle walls are repaired. And in most cases liposuction of the flanks is also performed. This gives the patient that beautiful hourglass waistline she had prior to child bearing. And as you can see from her post-operative pictures the patient had every reason to be very satisfied with the end results. She has since referred many of her friends to Dr. Pousti. For this we are very appreciative, as most of our patients come through word of mouth.
The patient spent her first day post operatively in a nursing facility here in the San Diego area. They picked her up from the surgery center and took excellent care of her in those early hours after surgery. This was a decision she didn’t regret. They were able to answer all of her questions, and show her all of the things she would need to do at home to continue caring for her self. Dr. Pousti followed her very carefully with post-operative phone calls and office visits. He even visited with her in the nursing facility the night of surgery. The patient is always willing to share her results as well as experiences with Dr. Pousti and his staff, with new patients who come in to our office. So feel free to come by for a consultation and perhaps you will get to meet with her or one of the many other very satisfied patients.


I’m 40 and I’ve been fighting with my midsection area for quite some time. With
dieting, losing weight and working out nothing was getting rid of it. I’m a very
active person and this was getting to the end of my frustration. I looked online,
met with Dr. Pousti’s office and was convinced he was the one. Not only is the
office professional but they also make you feel so content with the steps of
going through the process not only physically but also mentally. This decision
should not be taken lightly and Dr. Pousti is the doctor to pursue this procedure.
They are always there for you and attentive to your needs and concerns. With
my procedures, questions, recovery, follow-ups, etc., they all were great! I’m
so thankful I found his office! I can’t imagine not. I also ended up have a breast