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At Pousti Plastic Surgery, we believe your health, wellbeing, and most importantly, your safety should never be compromised when choosing to correct any chest wall condition. In order to correct pectus excavatum with breast implants, finding a reputable plastic surgeon with impeccable skill and an understanding of how breast augmentation for this specific condition should be performed is of the utmost importance. In pectus excavatum, also known as funnel chest, the sternum (breastbone) is depressed relative to the rest of the chest wall. Breast implants can be used to camouflage mild to moderate pectus excavatum. No matter where you decide to have your pectoralis excavatum repair, make sure your surgeon has experience, and that your safety and comfort are your surgeon’s primary concern.

Dr. Pousti has considerable experience with using breast implants to improve the appearance of the chest wall for patients with pectoralis excavatum.

Since Dr. Pousti has experience with pectus excavatum repair, many women from around the country choose to fly to our area to obtain his services. If you are not from our area, please visit “Fly
in for Surgery” at, to learn more about our out-of-town accommodations and scheduling information.

Pectus Excavatum Repair Procedure

Breast augmentation to repair pectus excavatum takes approximately two hours. During your consultation at our office and after a thorough examination, Dr. Pousti will discuss every detail of your breast augmentation, including the exact size and type of breast implants he will use and their relative advantages. This procedure to correct pectoralis excavatum is performed on an outpatient basis at our surgical center under general anesthesia. By positioning the correct size/shape of breast implants on the chest wall, the pectus excavatum is camouflaged nicely giving the patient’s breasts the appearance of “deep cleavage”.

What to Expect After a Breast Augmentation for correction of Pectoralis excavatum

Bed rest, along with plenty of fluids, is necessary after surgery. Your chest will be sore. Dr. Pousti will prescribe appropriate pain management and muscle relaxant medications. Take your medication regularly and keep your office visits. Usually after a week, you will begin to feel back to normal.

A brassiere and bandeau will be fitted for you during your first week of recovery. These will need to be worn for a month. You will not be able to shower until your sutures are removed. Initially, breast implants will appear to be slightly higher than normal and your breasts will be swollen. Over time, the breast implants will descend to a more natural position.