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Dr John Hartley Jr admits that he can’t explain the key to his success. “I met a portrait artist once and asked him, How do you make paint on a canvas look like a person?” says Dr Hartley. “He said, ‘I don’t know; it just flows out.’ Well, it’s the same with me and plastic surgery.”

Whether he can put it into words or not, one unquestionable fact remains: Dr Hartley’s skill at plastic surgery has brought him patients from the Atlanta area as well as from across the country. He lectures and makes talk-show appearances, and he was recently chosen to write the rhinoplasty chapter in a new plastic surgery reference text. Despite his professional prestige, he is anything but an unapproachable figure. At Dr Hartley’s office, the patient’s comfort comes first.

“Patients are apprehensive when they go in to get any medical procedure,” he explains. “They’re nervous, and we want to make them as calm as possible. It’s important in any practice to make the patient comfortable, but plastic surgery is purely elective, so it’s especially important here.”

The Atlanta Aesthetic Surgery Center has an “open-door” policy that puts patients at ease, There’s no frosted-glass partition separating staff from patients. Instead, a soothing reception area decorated with Savannah shutters feels more Like a Living room than a waiting room. Dr Hartley explains, “We don’t treat our patients as numbers; we treat them as human beings.” 404-233-3833 or newbeauty.com/hartley.

    “We make every effort to make our patients as
    happy as they can be.”
D R . J O H N H . H A R T L E Y J R .

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    One new technology at the Atlanta Aesthetic Surgery Center is the LIGHTSHEER DIODE LASER HAIR REMOVAL SYSTEM. It’s a method for permanent removal of coarse, dark, unwanted body hair. The process is much quicker than electrolysis or electrothermolysis. The LightSheer system uses a laser beam that eradicates the pigment in the hair follicles, making it difficult or impossible for the hair to grow again. A contact-cooling hand piece protects the skin during the treatment while directing the laser energy to the hair follicle. The result is that the laser reaches its target without affecting any of the remaining skin. The treatment is so COMPLETELY NON-INVASIVE that patients can leave the office and resume their daily chores without a second thought. Better still, unlike older hair-removal treatments that took months or even years, the whole course of a LightSheer treatment can be completed in a few short visits.