5 Things You Must Know Prior to a Breast Augmentation

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You must know:

(1) The Doctor

I rank this as number 1, because picking the right Plastic Surgeon will assure you a great outcome and happy results. Some tips on getting to the right Breast Augmentation surgeon are: Ask around, I’ve found the best referrals come from nurses who work with different doctors and can compare their surgical skills. Also, make sure your Breast Augmentation surgeon is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Most persons don’t know that there is “NO” recognized Board Certification for Cosmetic Surgery by the American Board of Medical Specialties or the State of California. This is important because only Plastic Surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery learn the skills of Breast Augmentation surgery during their hospital residency prior to starting private practice. An additional factor to help find the right Plastic Surgeon is to inquiry of about length of time in practice. An experienced surgeon is valuable asset.

(2) If a Breast Lift will give you a better result

This is important because breast implants look the best if you have good shape to your breasts. If your breasts have stretched out or fallen, then a shaping lift may be necessary before or at the same time as a Breast Augmentation. On my website, I have listed ways to determine if you need a lift. http://www.doctorcostanzo.com

(3) What size and shape Breast Implant is right for you

The more detailed in your discussion with me, the easier it is for me to match the breast implant size and shape to your new look. Specific things I find important include, a cup size, whether you want to be on the fuller or smaller side and photos of women who have already had Breast Augmentation.

(4) Whether your breast implant should be placed subglandular or submuscular

If your nipple position is high and your breasts have not stretched out then I will place the implant under the muscle. This places an additional layer over the implant to reduce visibility. However, if your breasts have dropped somewhat, your skin is loose and you are not very thin, then I will place the implants on top of the muscle. This subglandular placement of the implant may mean you can avoid a Breast Lift.

(5) What type of implant, saline or silicone is best for you

Here are some of the differences. Saline implants have the following advantages; lower cost, ease of replacement, less interference with a mammogram reading and the most important of all, overfill and adjustability. Overfill means I can add more saline if you’re petite and want more fullness. Adjustability on the other hand gives me the ability to add more saline to one implant, if one of your breasts is smaller that the other. Silicone implants have these advantages; softer and more natural feel, less chance of visibility of the implant edge and better durability. Silicone implants on average, last longer than saline implants.