New Advances in Breast Enhancement

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New Advances in Breast Enhancement
by Dr. Neil A. deLeeuw

Those patients who have had breast augmentation performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. deLeeuw in the last few years can attest to the fact that their level of post operative discomfort was far less than patients they knew who had the procedure done prior to Dr. deLeeuw’s implementation of a new surgical technique specifically designed to reduce post operative pain.

This technique, which has been described in various plastic surgical journals, involves utilizing meticulous electrocautery dissection to create the space for the implant. This technique minimizes the amount of bleeding into the space and dramatically reduces the amount of discomfort after surgery .

Dr. deLeeuw has been performing this technique for about 3 years, but in recent months, he has made additional changes to the surgical technique and the post operative at home instructions. These changes now make breast augmentation virtually painless for most patients. In addition to the actual surgical technique, our surgical nursing staff is specially trained to assist Dr. deLeeuw in a way that is especially gentle to the tissues.

After surgery, Dr. deLeeuw places sterile paper tapes over the incisions, but there are no bandages. Patients go home wearing a regular bra. Prior to discharge, patients are instructed to perform simple exercises which include raising their arms over their head.

Once home, a 2 hour nap is in order, then upon waking, patients should eat a few crackers, take Motrin and get a shower. Instructions actually include going out for dinner the night of surgery. Patients are allowed to drive the day after surgery, but most patients prefer to wait an extra day or so before driving.

The surgical technique and post operative care for breast augmentation make recovery after this procedure very pleasant and allows patients to have their procedure and get back to work and normal activities with just a weekend to relax and recover.