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New advances in breast augmentation are making the fake-looking breast a thing of the past. At Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery, we have found that to create the most natural-looking breasts, you have to carefully match the breast implants to the patient. And we’ve developed a three-step technique for doing just that:

Step One
The process starts with your very first appointment. During this visit, we record a detailed series of measurements of your chest and breasts. These measurements will define the types and sizes of implants that best match your physique. Implants that will produce
less than optimal results are eliminated from the start.

Step Two
Next, we review a wide variety of photographs of breast augmentation patients with you. Your opinions on these photos allow us to accurately understand your wishes and choose the best implants to meet your goals. Typical methods of choosing implant size by having the patient request a cup size are simply too vague and imprecise. Surgeon and patient rarely have exactly the same mental image of what a “C” or “D” cup is. Our photographic
review ensures that patient and surgeon are on the same page.

Step Three
The final step occurs in the operating room. Here test implants are used to confirm the absolute best size and type of implant to match your frame and achieve your aesthetic
goals. Once the optimal test implant is determined, it is replaced with an identical permanent implant. We leave the operating room confident that we have chosen implants that will give you the prettiest breasts possible.

All of the women pictured on this page are our actual patients. If, like them, you would like breasts that are not just bigger, but more beautiful, we would like to meet with you.

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