Discerning Breast Augmentation Candidates Choose New, High-Strength Silicone Gel Breast Implants

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Gummies Aren’t for Dummies

Discerning Breast Augmentation Candidates Choose New, High-Strength Silicone Gel Breast Implants

April 28, 2005 – If one size doesn’t fit all, how could one choice fit all needs? For more than a decade American women have had no breast implant options. Since the FDA restricted the use of liquid silicone breast implants, women opting for breast augmentation have had only one option: saline breast implants. While saline implants are the right choice for many women, the new high-strength gel implants are less likely to leak and ripple and feel more like natural breast tissue. American women needed more options that offered better results and fewer complications.

Enter the High-Strength Gel Implant. As technology continued to advance and companies continued to look for a superior implant, a new type of silicone implant began to emerge. These devices are fondly known as “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants, as they feel similar to a soft, squishy – yet solid – material. These implants feel more like natural breast tissue, offer great breast shape, and best of all they are cohesive. This has made them very popular in the scientific studies with doctors, and more importantly with the women who’ve received them.

“They simply make for better breasts,” said Charlie Sheridan, one of the first people to receive Gummy Breast Implants. “They are soft, sexy and natural! I couldn’t be happier to have my new pair of ‘Bears’.”

Charlie was not alone in wanting a superior implant. Women who are interested in breast augmentation want nothing less than the very best results. This means the best surgeon, the best brand of implant, and the best shape. Many women will research their options in conjunction with seeking guidance from a respected surgeon and staff. We receive calls from women all across the country that want Dr. Grant Stevens’ expertise, coupled with his ability to use these exciting new Implants. (Only a limited amount of surgeons have been selected and qualified by the FDA to utilize these implants).

“Gummies aren’t for dummies,” Charlie said, referring to the level of research the patients have done. And indeed, the High-Strength Gel Implants seem to attract highly educated women who value their beauty, value their lifestyle, value their health, and want to retain these attributes as long as possible. Whether it was to exchange existing implants for the Gummy Bear Implants or for first-time implants, women have flown in from across the country just to make sure they got the Gummy versions.

“We’ve had great results,” said Dr. Grant Stevens of the High-Strength Gel breast implants used in a controlled study. “Women deserve a better implant. They deserve more options. They deserve an implant that is long lasting. But most of all, they deserve to feel good about their bodies, how they look and how they feel – and the High-Strength Gel Implant is just a superior option.” In fact, the implant really does mimic a Gummy Bear candy: it is pliable, but remembers its shape. It is soft to the touch but resilient and it is very natural looking.

The High-Strength Gel Implants have been available in other countries since the mid-nineties with great results. Not only do they look and feel more like natural breasts, they last much longer than typical saline implants. Currently these implants are being tested across the United States in clinical studies. Participating physicians such as Dr. Stevens can choose 1000 women to join in the study, with the agreement that the wom