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N Y Times Places Dr. Stoker Among The Best
Dr. Stoker named one of the top plastic surgeons for liposuction by The N Y Times

On October 16, 2005, A Major Style Magazine released their annual glossary of beauty experts listing Dr. David Stoker as one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States for liposuction.

The authors of the Major Style Magazine compiled the names of plastic surgeons for their glossary by extensively researching the physician’s credentials and records with state medical boards, confirming board certification in plastic surgery, and polling experts in the field. As the N Y Times is the world’s most respected and authoritative newspaper, and since other specialists in the field of plastic surgery endorsed and confirmed Dr. Stoker’s expertise, being listed in this glossary is truly an honor.

Among many good surgeons, Dr. Stoker stood out as one of the three best plastic surgeons for liposuction. The article particularly mentions Dr. Stoker’s popular combination procedures called “Mommy Makeovers” that include breast lifting, a tummy tuck and power-assisted liposuction. Dr. Stoker pioneered research with power-assisted liposuction, the safest and most effective lipoplasty method available, contributing to major advances in the field of body contouring.

Marina Plastic Surgery Associates is the only plastic surgery practice included in the The N Y Times nationwide glossary of beauty experts.