Plastic Surgeon Says It's Not Just For Stars

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Plastic Surgeon Says It’s Not Just For Stars
by The Farmington Observer

Popular television shows, such as Extreme Makeover, have removed much of the notion that cosmetic surgery is reserved only for the rich or celebrities.

“More people are learning it’s not just for movie stars,” said Dr. Michelle Hardaway, who has her own aesthetic plastic surgery practice in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

“More and more people want to know about it,” she said of the popularity surrounding the shows. In them, people tell producers how several surgical procedures would help them feel better about themselves.

Hardaway has a broad background, not only in plastic surgery but general surgery. She is affiliated with Beaumont, Providence, Harper and St. John hospitals.

The Detroit resident said cosmetic or plastic surgery appealed to her because she could do more for people.
“Other changes have occurred in the field in recent years,” noted Hardaway.

“Minorities more than ever are electing to have procedures,” she said. Also, more people are electing for multiple procedures rather than just one. And as long as a person is healthy, age is not a factor.

“I just gave a facelift to a women who was 85,” Hardaway said.

“Since people are living longer and feel healthier, why not?”

“While some minority critics may accuse people of trying to look more Caucasian when they have procedures, that’s usually not the case,” Hardaway said.

“People just want to look better and feel better about themselves,” she said.

Some surgeries can be performed in her building, while some require an overnight stay and usually take place at local hospitals.

Technology has helped lower the costs of procedures, but medical insurance companies usually don’t cover cosmetic surgeries. Hardaway noted there are loan agencies that specialize in loans for cosmetic surgery and some hospitals even offer packages for overnight stays.

Livonia resident Linda Mitchell heard about Hardaway from a local television news program.

She had the doctor perform a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

While there are other plastic surgeons in the area, Mitchell said it was important that Hardaway was a woman and African-American.

“She was someone I could trust,” she said. “She’s very down to earth. I would recommend her highly to anyone.”

Leola Ramsey of Detroit put her faith in Hardaway for liposuction and a tummy tuck.

She’s felt great about herself ever since.

“The work she did was super,” Ramsey said.

“[Hardaway] explained everything that would be involved,” Ramsey added. “She gave me good attention in the hospital and out. She’s a very thorough and pleasant person.”