Implant Styles (Shapes)

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Breast implants differ in shape for a number of reasons. There is no “one-size-fits-all” rule nor is there “one shape fits all” rule in breast augmentation and reconstruction. For an example, Mentor and Inamed, the two leading breast implant manufacturers, offer smooth implants, textured implants, implants with different profiles (projection), volume adjustable implants, saline filled, silicone gel filled, and double-lumen saline/gel implants. It is important for the patient to let the physician know what her goal is in terms of size and shape, and for plastic surgeon to assess the patient and determine what implant will help the patient achieve those goals. As an example, a 350 CC implant inflated to 380-400 cc could give a projection of 3.9, 6.2, or 6.9 cm depending on the type of implant. If the patient’s chest is narrow, a high-profile implant will give more projection with a narrower base than a moderate profile implant. An anatomic (tear drop) implant gives more projection in the lower portion of the breast as opposed to a high-profile implant which gives more fullness in the superior portion of the breast.