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Everyone wants to live longer and look better, and there are an increasing number of options to help us do just that. Each year more and more people are taking control of their lives by using surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to reverse the visible signs of aging and achieve a confident, more youthful appearance. This proactive approach stems from an evergrowing number of safer, more effective and longer-lasting procedures, many of which are minimally invasive and offer greatly reduced recovery time and expense. As a result, younger people – those in their thirties and forties – are increasingly drawn to these cosmetic treatments as a way of maintaining their appearance without undergoing more extensive procedures.

“A lot of patients, especially younger patients, are looking for less invasive procedures with little or no downtime,” says Dr. Joseph M. Perlman, Medical Director at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Perlman has seen the industry change dramatically in both types of treatment available to patients, and in the age of demographics of those seeking cosmetic procedures to reduce or eliminate facial and bodily signs of aging.

“Twenty years ago, a person seeking cosmetic facial surgery either came in for a full facelift or they didn’t,” Dr. Perlman continues. “Now there are so many options we can offer people, including stopgap measures to turn back the clock. Today’s younger patients don’t want to miss too much work or social time, and they want a natural, healthy, refreshed look.”

Patients looking to correct bothersome aspects of their appearance can now focus exclusively on the area needing treatment.

“For example, we’re doing a lot of endoscopic brow lifts,” Dr. Perlman tells us. “The lowering or drooping of the eyebrows is one of the earliest signs of aging, and a browlift can correct this problem without a person having to undergo a traditional, more extensive facelift. The endoscopic technique hides the incisions behind the hairline, so no one can tell you’ve undergone a cosmetic procedure. It’s a subtle change that nevertheless produces a dramatic improvement in your appearance.”

Patients’ desires for more flexible treatment have spurred the advance of new and improved techniques that translate into superior results with an emphasis on safety and patient recover. “One procedure that I’ve developed recently and had great success with is a cheek lift which uses permanent sutures placed through incisions in the mouth and hairline to lift the cheeks. It’s far better than the so-called “feathertouch” or “easy lift” facial procedures, which typically do not last long,” Dr. Perlman explains.

“This procedure lifts the fat pad up to where it ideally should be, rejuvenating the appearance of the middle portion of your face, which is an area often not improved by a conventional facelift. This type of cheek lift can of course be done in combination with a facelift or other procedures, but it gives great results as a stand-alone procedure as well. Younger people in their late thirties or forties who don’t have a lot of loose skin, but who feel their cheeks have dropped down or that they have an older look, can benefit tremendously from this minimally invasive technique. It’s an in-office procedure that only takes an hour.”

New facial fillers offer even more options for rolling back the signs of aging. Long-lasting products such as Restylane and Radiesse have largely replaced the use of collagen and fat.