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Profiles Magazine, Winter 2004

An aesthetic plastic surgeon dedicated to enhancing self images and improving self-esteem

It’s not just a girl thing anymore. Modern men want to look good too, and are no longer intimidated by the concept of cosmetic surgery. Aesthetic plastic surgery has grown in popularity among women and men.

In this active new century, everyone should look as young as they feel. There is no way to prevent getting older, but a visit to Dr. Rivela in The Woodlands will show you many ways you can look five to 10 years younger with a facelift, while lifting your spirits as well. An eyelift removes tell-tale sagging and brightens tired and heavy eyes while peel procedures restore a fresh, smooth look to your skin.

Statistics show that each year millions of people undergo aesthetic procedures to enhance a particular feature or reduce visible signs of aging. Many people choose aesthetic surgery to give themselves added confidence in social or work situations, a psychological boost, or simply to help them look younger. Often, improving a feature of your face or body will enhance your self image, and that can help you to make positive changes in many areas of your life. Having realistic expectations about aesthetic surgery increases the likelihood that you will be happy with the results. If you are considering aesthetic plastic surgery, your decision should be consistent with your values.

A healthy self-esteem is doing the things which bring out the best in you, both emotionally and physically. For many, deciding to have plastic surgery helps you to make a real commitment to being your best self.

An in-depth consultation with Dr. Rivela is important so you will understand all that can be achieved through aesthetic plastic surgery. If you recognize a specific area in which your appearance could be improved and you have a strong personal desire to make a change, then you may be an ideal candidate for aesthetic surgery.