Is The Hottest New Trend In Cosmetic Surgery Non-Surgical?

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Is The Hottest New Trend In Cosmetic Surgery Non-Surgical?


Boston, MA—July 8, 2003—The Adams Center of Boston and Peabody announces the addition of personal training and yoga to its Boston facility.

“This is an exciting change for The Adams Center. I think we’re the only cosmetic surgery center in the U. S. to offer both yoga and personal training as part of our on-site services.”, said Dr. William P. Adams, M.D., F.A.C.S., a board certified, Boston area cosmetic surgeon, and Director of The Adams Center. “I believe deeply in taking a whole person approach to helping patients achieve their appearance goals. Adding these new services is an important next step in that process.”

Yoga and personal training help patients learn more about fitness, and maintain any new level of health achieved through cosmetic surgery. “Many of our patients come to us to make a ‘life-change’ not just a physical change.”, Adams says. “Enhancing their physical appearance is one aspect of that change. Proper exercise to achieve great physical results, or maintain and enhance the physical results achieved by surgery plays a major long-term role.”

Another key benefit of exercise and part of the life change Dr. Adams describes is better mental health. Adams continues, “Mental health is also affected. Studies over the past few years have demonstrated positive changes to people’s mental health when they exercise regularly. People who exercise tend to be more confident because they feel better about themselves. This comes through in everything they do.”

Dr. Adams notes that exercise programs need to be implemented with caution and expert timing. He adds, “Our personal trainer and yoga instructor are experienced in creating

programs specifically for people recovering from surgeries. They’ll work with individual patients to create post-operative programs, as well as ongoing routines that build solid foundations for better overall health.”

The Adams Center is committed to providing straightforward, honest information on how men and women can look and feel their best. With 25 years of experience, The Adams Center helps thousands of people improve their appearance and enhance their self esteem. The Adams Center offers a full spectrum of cosmetic surgery, non-surgical aesthetic procedures, personal fitness, and skin care products. We are nationally recognized, and were voted 2002’s Best Body Plastic Surgeon by the Improper Bostonian. Offices are located in Boston and Peabody, MA. For more information, please visit us online at


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