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Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed by plastic surgeons. In a standard augmentation procedure, the implant size is selected at the preoperative visit. After the surgery, the implant size cannot be changed without another operation. However, with Adjustable Breast Implants, the patient can adjust her implant size after the procedure has been performed. This can be accomplished in minutes without patient discomfort. Some patients will even elect to decrease the size of the implant.

How can the implant size be adjusted?

The Adjustable Breast Implant is essentially identical to the non-adjustable implant except for a few small design advantages. A small injection dome attached to a fill tube is placed under the skin, near the incision. After surgery, the implant size can be increased or decreased by using a syringe to add or remove saline through the injection dome. The patient will see an immediate change in breast size after the adjustment has been performed. The procedure is painless and takes about five minutes to complete. When the patient is happy with her result, the injection domes are simply removed through a small portion of the original incision under local anesthesia.

Are there other advantages to using an Adjustable Breast Implant?

Absolutely! The Adjustable Breast Implants offer numerous advantages over traditional implants. Many patients will choose the adjustable breast augmentation over the standard technique for one or many of the following reasons:

a.) The ability to achieve a more natural shape to the breasts by temporarily over-expanding the implant and then removing the extra fluid, thereby relaxing the skin. The result, a more natural appearing breast.

b.) The ability to achieve breast symmetry by equalizing the implant size with simple volume adjustments.

c.) The correction of more difficult breast problems such as sagging breasts, tubular-shaped breasts (narrow, not round) or an underdeveloped breast on one side only.

d.) Lower incidence of implant wrinkling which can be seen as wrinkling of the skin. Changing the volume of the implant after surgery can often correct the visible wrinkling.

Adjustable Breast Augmentation can reduce patient anxiety regarding the selection of implant size before surgery by allowing the implant size to be changed after surgery. This gives the patient a unique opportunity to have a direct influence over the final size and shape of her breasts.