Pre-Operative Instructions Make Procedure Safer and Facilitate Recovery from Tummy Tuck at Premier Plastic Surgery

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(Vocus/PRWEB ) November 11, 2009 — During an abdominoplasty, Pittsburgh plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Heil smoothes and shapes the abdominal area and removes excess skin left behind after extreme weight loss or pregnancy. Being one of the most popular procedures, it is a fairly routine surgery. With variations of the procedure including a mini-tuck, a full tuck and adding liposuction to the procedure, there are still risks and problems that may present themselves during the surgery. The pre-operative instructions provided by Dr. Heil help reduce the risks.

There are many reasons why a tummy tuck is not a spur of the moment procedure. “First of all, anyone considering the procedure needs to take the time to weigh the pros and cons of the procedure and then find the right surgeon,” says Dr. Heil. “But, there are also certain steps a patient should take weeks and even months prior to the procedure.”

Pre-operative instructions:

– Divulge complete medical history. During the consultation for a tummy tuck, Pittsburgh patients must reveal any medical conditions and medications they are taking.

– Eliminate aspirin and ibuprofen 2 weeks prior. These products, commonly taken for heart conditions, thin the blood and hinders blood-clotting. During surgery, it results in excessive bleeding and of course, if the blood cannot clot, the incision will not heal very quickly.

– No smoking 2-6 weeks prior. Smoking causes the blood vessels of the body to constrict which hinders blood flow and slows the healing process.

– No alcohol 2 weeks prior. Even just a few drinks days before surgery can cause problems. Alcohol compromises the immune system which leads to an increased chance of infection after surgery.

– Reduce salt intake. Salt causes bloating and swelling. Reducing it in the diet prior to the surgery helps reduce the amount of swelling afterwards.

– Increase water consumption. This helps the body flush out unhealthy toxins that cause illness and will hinder healing during recovery.

– Make post-operative arrangements ahead of time. Dr. Heil strongly urges his abdominoplasty Pittsburgh patients to fill their post-op prescriptions ahead of time so that they are on hand as soon as needed. It is also essential to arrange not only for a ride home, but to have help for at least the first 24 hours.

For an abdominoplasty in Pittsburgh or any cosmetic procedure, these pre-operative instructions are essential to safety during the surgery and a faster recovery afterwards ending in the best possible results.

“Safety and natural-looking results are the cornerstones of my practice. I want to give each patient the best tummy tuck,” says Dr. Heil. “But, I have to have the cooperation of my patients in those situations I cannot control. I cant be with them 24-7 leading up to the procedure to make sure they are taking care of themselves.”

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