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DENVER, CO – With all the emphasis on Hi-Def TV, soon to be the standard nationwide, celebrities and TV hosts approach their “stage” make-up with evermore interest and application. Where it used to be that the camera was known to add 10 pounds to one’s figure; the camera still wasn’t refined enough to capture a slight wrinkle or uneven complexion on film. Today, it is.

The interesting thing is that Hi-Def TV is much like holding a magnifying glass up to our face and/or physique when analyzing it. And curiously the clarity afforded through Hi-Def TV highlights what is lost as we age—definition.

According to Ben Lee, MD and plastic surgeon practicing in Englewood, CO, definition has everything to do with shape and color. The youthful flush of one’s lips diminishes through aging as much as the lift and firm shape of the breasts as they too age. In a curious way then, according to Dr. Lee, his job and that of his trained medical technicians, is to reaffirm the detail to one’s face and body that makes one appear to be young again.

Some of the procedures offered are less invasive than others and take less recovery time as well as cost less, starting with digital permanent makeup, applied in Dr. Lee’s practice by expert Kathleen Kassel. Kassel uses the Dixon Technique, recognized as the least invasive methodology utilizing the world’s best equipment and pigments for:

* Eyebrows
* Lips
* Eyelashes & Liner
* Areola Restoration

The permanent pigment—which lasts an average of seven years—is inserted under the skin and becomes more pronounced up to 30 days later. Many women find that the permanent makeup makes it possible for them to wake up in the morning with the same youthful definition that used to detail their brow, eyes and lips in a natural and blended way.

One of the new non-surgical, and yet defining treatments now offered by Dr. Lee is Lipodissolve, an alternative to liposuction that produces results that have been compared to liposuction for the reduction of unwanted fat, improvement of cellulite and skin laxity. Lipodissolve is ideal for diet- and exercise-resistant areas.

The specially formulated Lipodissolve solution is injected with very fine needles under the surface of the skin in small areas about the size of the hand. The fat breaks down and is excreted though the kidneys. Most patients begin to see results after the second treatment and treatments take about one hour each! The most common areas for treatment are inner and outer thighs, hips “muffin tops,” the “bra roll” area of the back and the abdomen “tummy” as well as under the chin. The long term effects last indefinitely with proper diet and exercise just like liposuction. Lipodissolve is not a weight loss solution; the best results are achieved in patients who are close to their ideal weight and desire improvement in small focused areas. Inches can be lost over time with a series of treatments improving your overall look.