An Interview with Dr. Arturo Guiloff on Breast Lift

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Dr. Arturo Guiloff is a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Here the Doctor has answered some of the common questions bizymoms visitors have about Breast Lifting.

Q. What is Breast Lifting?

A. A breast lift involves lifting the breast that has “drooped” either because of natural causes or as a consequence of pregnancy and lactation or loss of elasticity as time goes by. It also involves reshaping the breast into a more aesthetic and projecting shape to have the most beautiful and natural result. Sometimes a small or medium breast implant is needed to obtain the best cosmetic improvement.

Q. How is breast lift surgery done?

A. There are several techniques that have to be modified for each individual patient. They all involve some external scars but all my patients consider that a small price to pay for the beautiful new breasts that they can attain.

Q. What is the recovery period like?

A. Recovery takes about 10-14 days. It is not notoriously painful and you must wear a “bra” 24/7 for about three weeks.

Q. Who is an ideal candidate for breast lift surgery?

A. The ideal candidate is a patient that cannot stand anymore the “sagging” or poor shape of their breasts and wants to do something about it.

Q. Are there risks and complications to a breast lift surgery?

A. Like any cosmetic surgery there are risks and potential complications involved including some bleeding, infection, possible loss of sensation, bad scars, etc.

Q. How long do the results last?

A. Results are long lasting (over 8-10 years) but the genetics and tissue elasticity of each patient plays a very important factor.

Q. How much does breast lift surgery cost?

A. A breast lift will range between $6000 to $8500 depending if breast implants are needed to get the best results.