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Atlanta Breast Enlargement – Is It Right For Me?

If you’re considering having breast enlargement surgery, it’s likely you have many questions you’d like answered before deciding for sure. Read on for tips and advice on things to consider that will help you to decide if this type of cosmetic surgery is right for you.


If you live an extremely active lifestyle and are frequently engaged in strenuous physical activity, you must take that into consideration when deciding on an augmentation. But just because you are very active, that doesn’t eliminate you from the good candidate list. However, you must take great care in choosing how large you want to go before you are too large to safely and comfortably participate in your favorite sport or exercise program.


Most women in good health, with no prior surgery- or anesthesia-related complications are generally good candidates for most cosmetic procedures.

Understanding of The Procedure

Women who undergo breast enlargement in Atlanta are responsible for heavily researching the surgery and making sure they understand its inherent capabilities as well as its limitations. Thorough discussions with your cosmetic surgeon will help in understanding how the procedure is performed and what to expect in terms of end results. Your surgeon will also be able to assist you in choosing the right method and type of implant as well as implant placement that is most likely to meet your expectations from surgery.


You will need to be prepared for the different charges involved in a breast enlargement. You will not only owe the surgeon, but typically there will also be charges owed the facility as well as the anesthesiologist. Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists offers payment plans to allow more patients the ability to afford a cosmetic procedure. Also, during your surgical consultation, you can discuss which types of implant are better suited for your financial plan, as the cost sometimes varies widely by type and sometimes by placement technique.

Studies show that over 90% of women who opt for a breast enlargement are happy with its results. You are well advised to take your time and choose not only your cosmetic surgeon carefully, but also which type of implant and what technique you prefer. Also, trying on prosthetic breasts in various sizes will help you choose the right size for you. Making careful, informed decisions regarding your breast enlargement will lead you that much closer to the results you desire.

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