Seattle Breast Augmentation Surgeon Performing More "Breast Rescue"

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Federal Way, Washington (May 2010) – More women are turning to revision breast enhancement surgeon Dr. Braden Stridde to revise the results of previous breast surgery by another doctor. Dr. Stridde, a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in Seattle area breast augmentations and other breast surgeries, reports a significant rise in the number of revision “breast rescue” surgeries he performs, a change he attributes to a growing reputation as the “go-to” doctor for complex revision cases.

“For years, other doctors have been referring their most challenging cases to me, but recently many more patients are seeking me out on their own,” notes Dr. Stridde. “I feel fortunate that I am able to help these women who are disappointed with their prior surgical results, and appreciate that they are coming to me directly.”

Revision breast enhancement patients are rightfully cautious about who they trust to correct their first surgeon’s results, but Dr. Stridde says his rising patient numbers reflect the fact that today’s patient is better informed about her options for revision breast enhancement in Seattle. Because they are educated about what breast revision surgery can accomplish, many women are more eager to move forward with a corrective procedure so they can achieve a look that matches their original goal.

“More than ever, women having cosmetic breast surgeries know what good results are supposed to look like, and more women feel confident about asking me what their options are,” Dr. Stridde says. “In the past, patients would delay meeting with a revision surgeon for years in some cases because they did not know that better results were possible, or they simply didn’t know where to turn.”

Dr. Stridde credits the Internet for making it easier for women to find the information and support they need. This is true both for primary plastic surgery in Seattle as well as revision procedures.

“Having access to before and after photos from dozens and dozens of surgeons in online galleries makes it simple for women to know what breast surgery can achieve,” says Dr. Stridde. “And there’s more information about revision breast surgery – a procedure I call ‘breast rescue’ on my Web site – including how a surgeon can take a bad result and turn it into a positive.”

While he expects the demand “breast rescue” procedures to continue to rise as more breast augmentations are performed, Dr. Stridde says he hopes his reputation as a revision surgeon will help make patients more aware of the importance of choosing a highly qualified doctor to begin with.

“It’s very rewarding for me to have a breast revision surgery patient tell me that her surgery changed her life, but as a doctor I would be even happier if she had achieved a good result in the first place,” he adds.