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Breast augmentation in Atlanta is a procedure performed in order to enhance the overall shape, size, and symmetry of the chest area. Enlargement is a derivative of this procedure and is frequently chosen by women who find themselves unhappy with the appearance of their upper torso and are seeking a body that is better-contoured. There are many benefits and aspects to this type of treatment. In this article, we will outline a few of them in hopes of providing insight to this popular surgical option.

Common Benefits

This surgery is a wonderful option for women looking to enhance the appearance of their breasts. The goal with any procedure is to augment the chest to obtain enhanced, natural-looking results. Both silicone and saline implants can be used for the enhancement.

How is it Done?

The operation is typically performed under general anesthesia, though some physicians will opt for a local anesthetic combined with a sedative. Sedation options should be a prior discussion between patient and surgeon as to alleviate any potential issues.

The procedure itself consists of making an incision, creating a pocket, and placement of the implant. Though the exact science is a little more involved.

Possible locations for the incisions are an additional discussion topic between surgeon and patient. Location options consist of that below the breast, around the areola, through the navel, or under the armpit.

Implants may be placed above or underneath the chest muscle. Considerations for placement include, the specific anatomy of the breasts, physical activities, mammogram interference, and recovery time.

There are two main options available to patients. Both saline and silicone are used for augmentation purposes. Silicone implants are comprised of a gel, and saline of a saltwater base. Each type has their own benefits, and the ones chosen typically depends of preference, body type, and the expectations of the patient. Patients should take the time to review the pro’s and con’s of each before making a final decision.

Additional Information

Surgery generally lasts one to three hours. The length of the procedure tends to vary according to the type of technique used, patient anatomy, implant placement, anesthesia type, and the specific surgery taking place.

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