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Sarasota Plastic Surgery has a long-standing presence in
its Florida community—for 30 years, in fact. Six years
ago, the practice took a giant leap into the 21st century
when it opened a $4 million, high-tech outpatient surgery
center and office dedicated exclusively to plastic surgery.
Both doctors and patients benefit from the convenience
of such a comprehensive center.

“We have a reputation for taking care of our patients well and
providing good results. Plus, safety and convenience are thoroughly
incorporated in the practice,” says Dr. James H. Schmidt.
The same philosophy is reflected in the center’s collection of the
most advanced medical and imaging technology and in its surgical
suites, products, services, and examination and consulting
rooms. All come into play to assure the best possible patient
experience and care. Drs. James H. Schmidt, Braun H. Graham
and David L. Mobley concentrate much of their practice on performing
aesthetic facelifts and eyelifts and on body recontouring,
breast enhancements and liposuction. Each doctor is a
member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Added patient benefits abound within the practice. Trained aestheticians
can perform microdermabrasion, skin peels,
micropigmentation and medical tattooing in the center’s skincare
clinic. Board-certified anesthesiologists on staff at the
Doctors’ Hospital of Sarasota have rotating assignments at the
practice’s surgery center. And post-operative patients may
choose to have a private-duty nurse escort them home and back
to the center the next day, or they can stay overnight in a
private suite in the nearby nursing center. 941-366-8897 or

Working in Concert

The practitioners at Sarasota Plastic Surgery understand that the experience and circumstances
of every individual are different. Their philosophy has proven extremely popular.
“Most of our patients come from word-of-mouth referral,” says Dr. Graham.

Drs. Graham, Schmidt and Mobley spend quality time getting to
know their patients expectations and wishes. One of the
doctors main goal is to make sure the whole experience is personalized
and well controlled from start to finish. “We want
patients to know we are approachable and to feel comfortable
about asking questions and communicating,” says Dr. Mobley.

An initial meeting with a surgeon runs at least one-half hour so
patients can discuss any concerns. Patients can watch videotapes
describing their particular surgeries in detail. And each
patient is assigned a personal surgery coordinator to work with
throughout their procedure. “We give patients as much information
as possible so they know what to expect before and after
surgery,” says Dr. Mobley. “It’s natural for a persons expectations
to be lower or higher than what you can deliver. If you can
successfully match the expectations and delivery, you are going
to be very popular,” he adds.

The practice sees a widely diverse group of patients primarily
from southwest Florida, who are interested in maintaining a
healthy body image. The patient base consists of two main
groups: 45- to 75-year-old females enthusiastic about facial and
eye rejuvenation, and a younger 30- to 40-year-old crowd partial
to body enhancements. “Many people want to take care of
themselves throughout their lifetime. We have many repeat
patients. In a way, it is good. If people are coming back, we must
be doing something right!” says Dr. Schmidt.