You Might Not Want to Sit for This

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Getting butt implants is a complicated procedure with an intense recovery period.

“It takes a well-motivated individual to get through this,” said Dr. David Ross of the gold Coast’s Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery and Longevity Institute.

“You’re going to lie on your stomach for a few days because it hurts to put pressure on the buttock and if you do put pressure on it, you could damage the results.”

The surgery requires a three to four inch incision in the crease between the cheeks, depending on the individual’s body shape.

Then the doctor inserts the implant which Ross has patients try on in advance by modeling them in their undies – in a pocket he creates between the buttock’s skin tissue and muscle layers.

The health risks involved in butt implants are slightly higher than other plastic surgeries, Ross said, because the surgery is done in an area that is not particularly clean which increases the risk of infection. People who have the surgery might consider going back to work after one week if they feel well enough but it typically takes about three weeks to feel normal again. – M.C.