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Concord plastic surgeon Eric R. Mariotti, M.D. is a leading physician in his area who also commonly serves patients from the Brentwood and surrounding areas. With a certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), Dr. Mariotti is highly-qualified to perform your procedure of choice!
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Everyone has an area of their body that they are unhappy with. Luckily, Dr. Mariotti is skilled in a number of aesthetically-enhancing surgeries that may heighten your physical appeal! Here are just a few of the many procedures that Dr. Mariotti offers:

  • Breast augmentation – Technically known as “augmentation mammoplasty,” this procedure can enhance the size, shape, and symmetry of your breasts. Whether you are a resident of Concord or Brentwood, breast augmentation performed by Concord breast augmentation expert Dr. Mariotti can be a success!
  • Liposuction – If you are unhappy with the excess fat on your body that you cannot seem to eliminate with diet or exercise, you may be an ideal “suction-assisted lipectomy” or “lipoplasty” patient. Dr. Mariotti is a Concord liposuction specialist who can beautifully contour your body!
  • Tummy tuck surgery – A bulging belly can significantly be reduced with tummy tuck surgery, or “abdominoplasty.” Depending upon your body and cosmetic goals, our physician can offer you the traditional tummy tuck or the mini-abdominoplasty procedure. For optimal aesthetic results, select Dr. Mariotti as your Concord tummy tuck surgeon!

Before and after photos illustrate the impressive skills that Dr. Mariotti possesses. For similar results, consider his Brentwood area practice for tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, breast augmentation, and more!
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