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Control After Breast Augmentation

Russel S. Palmer, M.D.

augmentation is a procedure that provides many benefits to
women. It makes them feel better about their bodies and themselves.
Their improved self-image carries over into both their professional
and personal lives. This procedure takes a part of their body
that they are not happy with, and can transform their breasts
into the part of their body with which they are most happy.

are excited about the results of their surgery, but are concerned
about the pain they will have to endure during the recovery
period. This was the biggest concern voiced by my patients,
and I felt a need to respond to the problem.

have developed a technique that can dramatically reduce, or
in some cases, eliminate pain following a submuscular breast
augmentation. The procedure is performed at the time of the
augmentation, and has been completely successful in controlling
post-operative pain.

pain control technique has transformed my practice. Typically,
my breast augmentation patients have no pain when they wake
up from their surgery. They only experience a mild pressure
sensation. They are literally smiling in the recovery room.
When they go home, the pain is usually mild, and totally controlled
with their oral pain medications. The average patient can
return to work and normal activities within 5 days of surgery.

addition to making the recovery process much less painful,
I believe the pain control technique makes breast augmentation
a safer procedure. The anesthesia a patient gets has two functions
– one, to put them to sleep, and two, to block operative pain.
With my pain blocking technique, fewer medications are required,
making the anesthetic safer, with fewer side effects.

In summary, the benefits of my pain control techniques are
numerous, and include:


A safer operation
  2. No pain upon awakening from the augmentat