How many times have you surfed your favorite online gossip site or flipped channels on the TV and found yourself gazing upon the ideal nose or smile? When you’re ready to take the next step and want to get that body part for yourself, it is a good idea to take a photograph of a celebrity along with you to a consultation with a plastic surgeon. That’s because what you think a full lip looks like, for example, may mean something completely different to your doctor. It’s equally important to recognize that the image is only the starting point. What looks good on today’s “It Girl” or cover model may not work for your body or face. With that in mind, Richard T. Ethridge, MD, PA, in Fort Worth, Texas, shares his patients’ five most requested celebrity plastic surgery looks.

Most Requested Celebrity Breasts

When it comes to breast augmentations, Ethridge’s patients would most like their busts to look like Salma Hayek’s. “Hers are full, natural, and maternal,” he says of the actress, mom, and founder of the Nuance cosmetics line. While Hayek’s breasts are a “do,” many of his patients point out celebrities whose bust they consider a “don’t.”

“My patients’ biggest concern is that their breasts don’t look obviously fake,” he says, pointing to Tori Spelling and Pamela Anderson. The good news is now that silicone implants are back on the market (they were given FDA clearance for the second time in 2006), breast enhancements do look more natural, without the upper-rounded portion that creates that unnatural-looking “melon” effect.

Who this works for: “In Texas, everything is bigger, and most women jump an entire cup size,” says the Lone Star state doctor. That means if you’re an A cup, you go to a full C cup, and if you’re a B you go to a D.

Who it doesn’t: If your frame or breasts are naturally small, Salma Hayek’s D-cup breasts will look too large on your body, causing you to look unbalanced, like you could tip over.

Most Requested Celebrity Lips

There’s a three-way tie when it comes to most requested celebrity lips: Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Liv Tyler. “These women have very good symmetry and adequate fullness,” says Dr. Ethridge, who adds that in his opinion, all three actresses most likely augment their lips. On the other hand, his patients are weary of having lips as large and pillow-y as Angelina Jolie. To increase fullness in thin lips, Ethridge uses hyaluronic acid injections, such as Juvaderm and Restylane, which last for up to nine months and six months, respectively. For a more permanent solution, he also offers silicone lip inserts.

Who this works for: Many women lose fullness and volume in their lips as they age, and fillers offer a safe, temporary solution.

Who it doesn’t: If the lips are kept in proportion and done by a medical professional, hyaluronic acid fillers will work for nearly all women who want larger lips.

Most Requested Celebrity Nose

“The nose is possibly the most important structure on the face due to its forward position and visibility,” Ethridge says. Jennifer Aniston’s nose, with its refined tip and narrow bridge, is the most requested by his patients. However, even though his patients routinely bring in a photo of Jennifer Aniston’s nose to their consultations, Ethridge says her narrow nose does not work for most women.

Who this works for: A Jennifer Aniston-type nose will work best on someone with a thin, oval-shaped face.

Who it doesn’t: A thin nose won’t flatter someone with a wide, full face. Work with your surgeon to find the nose shape most appropriate for you.

Most Requested Celebrity Butt

Butt lifts and enhancements are down in popularity from a few years ago, says Ethridge, but when women do come in for them, there’s no surprise as to whose posterior they most want to emulate: Kim Kardashian. “You always want what you don’t have. If you have a smaller butt, you want a bigger one,” he says. “In general, most people want their butt lifted.” To create a larger rear, Ethridge most frequently grafts fat to the area by harvesting it from the abdomen or flank and injecting it into the buttocks for a fuller appearance.

Who this works for: A lifted, round butt works best on women who have the frame for it, including slightly wide hips.

Who it doesn’t: If you are very thin, you may not have enough fat for fat grafting. While butt implants are an option, Ethridge reports that they aren’t popular with his patients because they tend to harden over time.

Most Requested for Anti-