When it comes to breast implants, some women are lucky enough that the first time's the charm. But for other women, additional surgeries are needed years down the line to maintain the look that they desire or to repair issues that were created by their initial breast augmentation. Revising a breast augmentation can actually be a more complex surgery than the initial one, so it pays to go with a well-qualified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in redoing breast implants to ensure they can help you look your best. Here are the most common reasons that women turn to surgical revisions of their initial breast implants.

The breasts start to sag. Even the best plastic surgeons can't control Mother Nature — and eventually, gravity will start to take its toll on your breasts. Some women go back to have a breast lift done after a decade or two; that surgery may involve adding additional breast implants to give the bustline a boost.

Scar tissue builds up around the breast implants. Sometimes, the body reacts to the addition of a foreign object by building a thick layer of scar tissue around it; it's an issue commonly called capsular contracture. It can make your breasts feel hard, become misshapen, or even become painful. Surgery may be required to remove the scar tissue and the implants.

The patient was unhappy with the new size of her breasts. In some cases, women decided after the breast augmentation was complete that the breasts were either too small or too large, and they opted for an additional surgery to either augment or reduce the size of their breast implants. (In most of these cases, the women decided the implants were too small.)

The implants "settled" incorrectly. Some shifting of breast implants is expected. However, in some cases, the implants can settle differently within each breast, causing asymmetry (one breast is high, the other low), or creating misshapen, unnatural-looking breasts. The most extreme example is the "double bubble," where the implant obviously separates from the rest of the breast, creating unnaturally shaped breasts that look like two bubbles.

The breast implants ruptured. Implant rupture requires a surgical revision. A rupture is easy to see in someone with a saline implant, as the implant will deflate quickly if it's been compromised. In silicone implants, it may be more difficult to notice that the implant has been leaking.