What's the Maximum Breast Size You'd Recommend for Petite Frame?

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Question: What’s the maximum breast size you’d recommend for petite frame?
I am 19 years old and 103 pounds and 5ft tall. I want to get Breast Implants.
I am currently an A cup could go to a full C, maybe 325cc?

Implants come in a wide variety of sizes and it is possible for any woman to comfortably carry a variety of sizes on her chest. The objective during the examination is to determine which implant will give the desired appearance. As you can imagine, any given implant in a very small framed woman will achieve an entirely different result than the same implant in a larger and heavier woman with different shaped breasts. Identical implant, different women with different breasts equals different results. The key, therefore, is to choose an implant that will give you the look that you desire. In order to accomplish this, we use a number of techniques. One of which is to take specific measurements of the size and shape of your breasts. This information, combined with the dimensions of the implants, and your desire for size and shape will help us determine which implant will most closely give you that look.

Bigger is not necessarily better. In choosing a very large implant it is important to be aware that as the volume of the implant goes up so do its dimensions, which includes the implant width. If you choose an implant that is excessively large, the edge of the implant may extend around beyond the breast. This would be undesirable. Also, as the implants become excessively large, the potential for rippling and other long term adverse cosmetic consequences increases. Increased weight of the implant can in some cases lead to excessive stretching and ultimately sagging of the implants/breasts.

A very attractive look is a slight bulging on the silhouette of the lateral portion of the breast outside the chest wall and then down to the waist and hips to give that classic “hour glass” figure.