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Choosing the right plastic surgeon to perform your plastic surgery is one of the most important steps to achieving your appearance goals. While finding the right plastic surgeon may not be easy and require some time and effort, the results of a quality cosmetic surgery procedure are well worth it.

When you begin looking for a plastic surgeon, ask the people around you if they have had any cosmetic procedure performed, and who they went to. Ask family members, friends, co-workers, also your healthcare provider may have recommendations, as well as your local hospital.

Many times you will be able to find websites of experienced plastic surgeons, which can help guide you on your search. Also, be sure to review the credentials and experience of all the plastic surgeons you find. Dr. Reid trained in a fellowship at the Emory University Hospital, focusing on breast and aesthetic surgery.

After determining which plastic surgeon you would like to meet with, call their practice to schedule an initial consultation. This can help you determine how professional they are and how they treat patients. The plastic surgeon’s office staff should make you feel comfortable, and they should make an effort to schedule your initial consultation at a time that works well for you.

Once you have scheduled your initial consultation, be sure to prepare a list of questions to ask the plastic surgeon. Our office will send you more information about Doctors Reid and Gordon, their practice, and the procedure in which you are interested. You want to be as informed about your procedure as possible, and your plastic surgeon should be able to answer all your questions so that you are completely comfortable with the procedure you are getting.

Also, ask to review the before and after photos of other patients who have had similar procedures to the one you want. This will allow you to evaluate the plastic surgeon’s work. Be sure to inform your plastic surgeon about what you like and dislike about the results and how you want to look after the procedure.

Make sure that your plastic surgeon does not try to pressure you into any cosmetic surgery procedures. Choosing to have a cosmetic surgery procedure is a very personal decision. It may be helpful to have initial consultations with more than one plastic surgeon to get a feel for them and their practices.

Our goal is to be the premier plastic surgery center in our area and central state. We are excited at the opportunity to meet and serve you.


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