Chairman of Plastic Surgery Brings His Skill and Expertise to Private Practice

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Mehdi K. Mazaheri, M.D., comes from a long line of physicians. From a very early age, he saw what competent and compassionate physicians could do for others, especially in terms of quality-of-life issues. He became a plastic surgeon because he enjoys the meticulous nature of the specialty and loves the immediate gratification of seeing how wonderful his patients look, and how happy and appreciative they are after surgery. He is double board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. Approximately two thirds of Dr. Mazaheri’s practice is dedicated to cosmetic breast and body surgery, and the other third is dedicated to a unique subspecialty of plastic surgery: corrective surgery for the massive weight loss patient.

A large part of Dr. Mazaheri’s practice is dedicated to aesthetic breast and body surgery. Mazaheri believes in not only understanding his patients’ needs and desires, but also in developing a good communication framework within which he and his patient can discuss and create a positive, workable plan for surgery. His sensitivity in understanding the emotional plane of his patients, and having a thorough understanding of both their physical health and their psychological issues, creates an environment for positive patient outcomes. The results of plastic surgery must please the patient as well as the surgeon, and the end result is due in large part to really grounding all discussions in the reality of what is possible, in terms of surgery, patient physiology and the condition of the skin quality of each patient. Mazaheri understands that keeping all discussions in the patient’s own reality is imperative.

Patients come to the initial consultation with certain aspirations. During this first meeting, Mazaheri, together with the patient’s input, strives to understand what the patient’s true goals are and to determine whether these goals are achievable. The medical history is reviewed and a physical exam is done; all the while Dr. Mazaheri pinpoints the exact areas that need to be operated on. Arriving at an appropriate plan for a particular patient is crucial, since each procedure, whether it is for a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck, is unique to that person. Mazaheri spends a significant amount of time with patients, because education and knowledge for the patient is crucial. He shows them be­fore and after pictures, and makes sure to explain where the incisions would have to be and what the visible scars, if any, would look like. One of the tenets of the plastic surgery field in the area of “vanity cosmetic surgery” is to keep the patient safe and informed while creating beauty. Mazaheri also understands that keeping all discussions in the patient’s own reality is extremely important. “Achieving consistent, quality results and making patients happy is what my practice is founded on,” says Mazaheri. “An excellent practice can only grow when patients’ expectations are achieved — we achieve and exceed our patients’ expectations, one procedure at a time.”

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