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David M. Whiteman MD,

Cosmetic surgery has never been as popular and
as acceptable as it is today, and doctors from every
medical speciality around seem to be jumping
on the bandwagon to perform these “cosmetic
miracles.” However, there are only a few physicians
who truly have the experience and talent to perform
cosmetic procedures and even less who are known
as “Doctors of Distinction.”

Dr. David Whiteman founded his practice in
1993. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon in both
the United States and Canada. Dr. Whiteman is a
member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery
and is the chief of plastic surgery at the Gwinnett
Hospital System.
Dr. Whiteman has been devoted to helping
breast cancer patients since his fellowship training.
He is currently the spokesperson for VolleyFest, a breast
cancer nonprofit 501(C)(3). He also founded and
works with two other breast cancer groups.

Dr. Whiteman’s practice is focused on educating
the patient. He believes that an informed patient
goes into surgery with more confidence, the right
motivation and realistic expectations. His practice
philosophy is simply stated and from the heart…
“We are dedicated to our patients’ well-being,”
Dr. Whiteman says. “We take a proactive approach
by listening to our patients’ concerns, evaluating
their needs, and helping them achieve their goals.
We will provide every patient with the highest level
of care and the knowledge to make an informed

Most of our patients find us through word
of mouth. “This is the best compliment anyone
could ever receive and we are grateful every time
we earn a referral.”
Dr. Whiteman’s practice is a full-service plastic
surgery practice and offers everything from
skincare products and facial fillers to facelifts and