Looking good in a bathing suit again!

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Looking good in a bathing suit again!

I gained a lot of weight after my daughter was born,” recalls Melissa*, “and my breasts just stretched out. My breasts were pretty small to begin with, but after I had my daughter, they really started to sag.

“It got to where I was really embarrassed by what I saw in the mirror.”

Many women find that after they have had a child or children, even the most rigorous diet and exercise programs may fail to help them retain their youthful figures.

Melissa contemplated breast augmentation surgery for a long time. She even complained to her boyfriend about how her breasts had begun to sag, and eventually he admitted she was right.

“He said, ‘I think it’s time,” Melissa remembers. “So I went through a very exhaustive selection process, calling a lot of practices in search of the best one.

“Most place said, ‘You have to come in for a consultation, we can’t give you any information,” recalls Melissa. “I thought, ‘If they’re not welcoming and receptive on the phone, what’s the surgeon going to be like? Are they going to treat me as an individual?”

At last, Melissa found a practice where all her questions were welcomed: the offices of John D. Ritrosky, MD.

“They were great,” shares Melissa. “I had a lot of questions, and the office manager answered them all on the phone. She was very informative, friendly accommodating. So that was my first impression of them: that they’re open to helping their patients even before you’ve become one.”

Melissa scheduled a consultation, and was even more impressed with Dr. Ritrosky’s office and staff at her fast appointment.

“Dr. Ritrosky’s office is really nice,” assures Melissa. “I like the decor, and the music they play. It’s just very relaxing.

“The staff is really friendly, too. All the girls were extremely helpful, and they brought me brochures while I waited. Then I met Dr. Ritrosky. And he’s very kind and calming,” says Melissa. “He just explains everything so that you understand it, and makes you feel comfortable.”

John D. Ritrosky,
, is board certified
by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and he was awarded a Baker & Stuzin
Aesthetic Fellowship for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami FL. He completed his undergraduate
studies at Florida State University in Tallahassee and earned his Medical
Degree at University of Florida School of Medicine in Gainesville, Dr. Ritrosky
completed his surgical training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and University
of Indiana Medical Center, Indianapolis. Dr. Ritrosky is a member of the
American Medical Association and other professional organizations.

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